How to set SMART goals in Six easy steps

Achieving your goals is hard work. It takes a lot of dedication and commitment on your part to complete them. Setting SMART goals in Six easy steps will allow you to be specific about what you want, develop a plan for achieving it, stay motivated throughout the process and track progress along the way so that you can see how far you have come! In this blog post, I will show you exactly how to set SMART goals using these Six easy steps:


  1. Identify your goal

A goal is a personal target that you want to reach. There are three different types of plans: personal, professional, and academic. You can set your own goals or have someone else help create them for you. For example, if the person’s career aspirations were in business management, they would need to focus on improving their skillset to gain experience at various levels within organizations before seeking senior-level positions such as vice president or CEO.”


  1. Set a timeline for the goal

There are many different factors to consider when setting a timeline for your goal.

The main factor is how much time you have, and it will be difficult, if not impossible, to set an unrealistic deadline that does not consider this.

Another essential element in determining the best timeline would be making sure there is enough time left over after completing one phase before starting another or at least taking some down day per week instead of working on two steps simultaneously. It makes sense then, as well as being more realistic without leaving too little spare time between goals, that we should create a plan with both short-term (daily) and long-term timelines so everyone can work towards their desired outcome together.


  1. Create milestones to measure progress and celebrate success

These points in time are an excellent opportunity for you to show your employees how much they mean. Reward their hard work with praise or a day off from the office, give them specific feedback on what went well and where opportunities exist for improvement so that there is room left open to growing even better than before!

To make sure all these efforts come back around eventually – be it through improved performance metrics or increased job satisfaction- plan an annual celebration event that highlights individual accomplishments and the team wins. Planning will get everyone feeling good about themselves and ensure this crucial yearly checkup does not fly by unnoticed!


  1. Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely (SMART)

When you are setting goals, make sure that they are specific and measurable to clear your success. Make them achievable by breaking down big tasks into smaller ones to ensure a realistic timeline for completing the goal. Be relevant to figure out what would be most valuable for you, given who you are as individuals with different strengths and weaknesses. It will also help determine how much time it takes or whether other people can support your efforts more effectively than yourself if needed. And finally, set timely deadlines based on when something needs to be completed rather than being vague about when things should happen like “someday.”

Things may not always go according to plan but having well-defined objectives gives me direction, which helps me stay motivated!


  1. Please write down your plan of action and share it with others who can help you reach your goals. 

If you want to make the most of your time at work, you need to develop a plan. You will need help from people around you who know what they are doing and are willing to offer their support, but this will also take hard work on your part. When we set goals together, our success has more meaning than if those same goals met by only one person or even two individuals alone!

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had someone in their life rooting them on through thick and thin? Think about how much better off every individual would feel knowing there was somebody out there cheering us along when things get tough; now think about having three other enthusiastic supporters ready to go.


  1. Be patient – good things take time!

Do not rush. You must make sure you are making the right decision with your goals and not just setting any arbitrary ones that do not fit who you are as a person or what is going on in your life at this moment.


You can take the knowledge from this post and apply it to your personal life or work. It does not matter if you are just starting in a new job, trying to get more done at home or school–setting SMART goals will help make sure that you do not set yourself up for failure. Take some time today to plan one specific purpose, measurable, attainable/achievable (or realistic), relevant and timely. And then do something about it! We hope these Six steps have helped you get started with setting your next SMART goal.

Five Steps to Grow Your Business

Five steps to grow your business, whether you are just starting or ready to take it to the next level.

“Every entrepreneur has a different start to their business. Some have an idea, some are looking for a change, and others want to be their boss.”

The road to success is not paved with gold but hard work. If you are like me, you have probably been told the same thing by many people: starting your own business is risky or impossible. But as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained! I will share five steps I took to grow my business from what seemed like a pipe dream into reality.


1. Make it easy for people to find you.

Social media can be a great way to get the word out about your business. Post interesting and informative updates on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Think of catchy hashtags that will categorize what you post for easy searching by potential clients to quickly find relevant content when it suits their needs or interests. If someone wants more information, direct them back to your website, where there is an abundance of resources available.


2. Be willing to work hard and put in the time.

It can be tough starting a business, and some people find it hard to stay motivated when they do not see fast results. If you want your company to grow, then you must work long hours at the outset. You should also make more effort than is required because if there is anything we have learned from entrepreneurship classes in school. Maintaining focus on one task will help ensure that other necessary tasks not neglected or forgotten about for too long periods as well!


3. Know your customers – what they want, what they need, and how their needs change over time. What if you could predict the future?

The most important aspect of building a successful business is to know your customers. It is not easy to grow without knowing who it is that will be consuming your product or service, so come up with ways to tell their story and make sure they feel heard by listening intently instead of just waiting for someone else to ask what they want first.


4. Get feedback from your customers.

To grow your business, get feedback from customers. What do they like about the product? Where are there gaps in their experience that need to be check with a new feature set or design language change? Asking these questions will help you understand what areas need to improve for future products and marketing efforts.


5. Keep an eye on trends and changes in the market that could affect your business model or customer base.

One good way to grow your business is by being aware of what is new in the market. For example, you might need to change or adapt current practices if there are changes in customer preferences and trends that could affect how they engage with you now, such as when people start shopping online instead of visiting brick-and-mortar stores.


One easy way to keep up on changing markets is through social media channels like LinkedIn Pulse, which helps professionals connect their work experience and similar topics. In today’s world or blogs from the subject matter, experts can share insights into a particular industry for potential customers interested enough to read them!

If you are starting, the following five steps should help you grow your business. We hope these tips will provide some new insights into improving and expanding upon what has already proven successful for those who have been in business. Regardless of where you are at with your company right now, it is never too late to make changes or try something different. Do any of these sounds like something you want to try? What are some other ways we could help our customers start their businesses? Let us know!


10 Businesses Involving Sustainability

The green business helps start a business and protect the environment at the same time.

What is a green industry business?

The green industry business uses sustainable materials to produce its product. It aims to utilize a tiny amount of water, energy, and materials. In this way, the company or the business minimizes the strain on natural resources. However, there are cases in which waste is generated; then, the waste is reused as energy or raw material.

Here are ten eco-friendly and green industry business ideas:

  • Environmental publications

The environmentally-minded publication is suitable for those who love to write. Going green can make a significant impact and difference in the world. Also, you can help consumers think about how their actions affect the world.

  • Ink refill business

The ink refill business is not only a high-profit decision but also an eco-friendly one too. Reusing old in cartridges makes lee nonbiodegradable waste accumulating in landfills. Paper is necessary on the earth, but ink containers are not, so make the wise decision to go for a sustainable business.

  • Green finance

Green finance focuses on supporting local projects with sustainable, eco-friendly agriculture. More than supporting locals, green finance aims to provide educational opportunities and funds for artistic endeavours and support local ecology.

  • Sustainable construction materials

Construction can be sustainable too. Some construction companies now provide recycled materials for use. The Axion is an example of an eco-friendly construction company that hopes to change the way companies think in rebuilding the American infrastructure.

  • Organic catering

Head’s up, food lovers! You can now start your dream food business. Organic catering is the perfect business to run, passionate about food and concerned for the environment. Organic catering uses locally grown ingredients, free-range meat, vegan, and gluten-free meal options.

  • Eco-friendly landscaping

Homeowners love gardens! Gardens are more than pleasing to the eyes but also healthy for the environment. Professional landscaping helps your lawn and garden look nice, also maintaining a healthy garden. You not only allow homeowners to make their garden beautiful; you also help them to go green.

  • Handmade all-natural/organic products

Handmade products like soaps, cosmetics, and cleaning products are a few household organic materials.

Yes, everyone can make them, but if you plan to packaged and sell them in sets, consumers conveniently buy all-natural products and have the effects at their fingertips instantly.

  • Farmers market vendor

Do you have a green thumb? Then you have the best opportunity to earn money by selling pesticide-free produce fruits and vegetables at a local farmers market. It gives you a distinct advantage over competing with farmers who use conventional farming ways.

  • Upcycled furniture

There is still hope for those old and broken pieces of furniture. The right tools can turn your old furniture into money. You can repaint, reassemble, or turn them into new pieces. It does not give you money; it also helps you preserve the environment.

  • Secondhand store

Nope, do not throw away your old things. Do not toss it in the trash. Instead, you can sell your used clothes, coats, books, or kitchen appliances online.

Our planet is slowly accumulating many wastes; make a decision today to make the world a better place and help build a better future for the generations to come.


Is It Worth It to Invest in Real Estate Today?

With so many economic uncertainties and job instability nowadays, is this the right time to take a risk and plunge into the real estate market? With the economy undergoing recession due to worldwide pandemic and millions of people unemployed, investors are thinking deeply about what they should do. Is it still worth it or not?

Here are some advantages of investing in a real estate today:

Real Estate Appreciation- You must understand that a real estate investment is not a short term investment plan. On the other hand, the benefit of investing in real estate includes the capital asset’s appreciation over the period. Hence, your property’s value will be worth way more 20 years from now, encouraging why investors are in it then and now.

Steady Income- Many personalities buy real estate for a very reasonable steady cash flow as they gain from the property. Rentals and other multi-purpose activities can be done with this property to create a passive income. But then it depends on the location of your estate.

Stable Investment- Fluctuation is a big deal in any investments, but not in a real estate investment. It is a sound investment that can generate and operate a substantial income. You can collect the ongoing payment as the price appreciates and the market is high. And in these trying times, with recession and bankruptcy, income stability is a must.

Real Estate Gives You Total Control- This investment will make you more flexible and give you a lot more control over your overall investment success. You can sit and relax while steering the management decisions. But always take note of the failure of success investment when you don’t take it seriously.

But, also, there’s an unappealing result in this area of investment:

Real Estate Requires Money- With what’s happening today, money is significant, and everyone is looking for something to produce money. If you take a risk in this kind of investment, it will require your full bank pocket. And once you owned the property, there will be an expectation of property insurance, taxes and property maintenance.

Real estate is a Long-Term Investment- This investment will require you to plan for a long-term strategy. Consider that you are purchasing a substantial asset that you can’t quickly sell in time of contingency funds. It takes time to sell a property and look for an ideal buyer.

Real Estate can be Problematic– With your property and tenants, it can cost you money and problems wasted in court. You can be assured of rental cash and the high peak of cash flow, but at some point when the time comes that your tenants need to go, they will leave your property-wide and in poor condition. Especially this time, renting is not popular.

So, with this question, is it worth it or not? It will always depend on your capability and capacity to maintain it well, even amid this trying and testing times.

6 Strategies to Garner Sales for Small Businesses

Just like with any plan that you wish to accomplish, trying to make a company grow takes strategies to be successful. More and more people are starting their small businesses to create a living for themselves.

Some say that creating an empire is considered a talent; that only some people can do it. But talent and skills are often never enough. In order to drive your business to success, you need to carry out a plan.

This article will serve as a guide for you in building strategies for your business growth.


  1. Use a growth strategy template

This will be the backbone or the skeleton of your entire business plan. With sufficient planning, you can jot down the necessary steps you want your team to accomplish. It is also easier to track your improvement with a template.


  1. Choose your targeted area of growth

Creating an area to grow in will help your business shift focus on the target. All types of business growth are positive, of course. However, you don’t want to overwhelm your company and exhaust resources. You can pick an area from the number of employees, office expansions to expanding of services; whichever you feel is the most realistic goal at the moment.


  1. Conduct market and industry research

As you probably can tell right now, strategizing has a lot to do with pre-planning. Before you start competing in any field, you need to get to know your competition. At the same time, you need to get to know your target market.

Knowing your market is as essential as any strategy if anything this part is fool-proof. Your audience will be the one to put you on the map and will raise your business’ visibility in the long run. In short, they are the ones you need to impress, so conducting research will help you plan beforehand.


  1. Plan your course of action

Making an outline will help you track your steps in achieving business growth. This action method should contain a list of action items, date of deadlines, distribution of teams or manpower, and resources for attaining your growth goal.


  1. Determine your growth tools and requirements

Growth tools pertain to the necessary aid you will need in order to carry out your plan. This includes funding, tools and software, and services. Figuring this part out will be last course of action since these matters will determine your company’s preparedness in stepping out into the competitive world of business.

Consider this step as the process of laying out foundation for your business.


  1. Execute your plan

The last step in all the planning: execution. The things you need to keep in mind at this point is keeping your stakeholders accountable, keeping the line of communication open, and keeping track of initial results to compare with the set goals.

You also have to check whether the goals you laid out earlier are still achievable or if they can be adjusted after assessing the initial results.



What is Starbucks Business Culture?

People love to drink coffee on an everyday basis. From morning breakfast to midnight fun gigs, coffee will never lose its flavor to anybody. Today, many are thinking of putting a coffee business, whether local and famous brands. One of those known brands is Starbucks.

Starbucks is a well-known coffee business, having multiple branches worldwide because of its quality products and service. But then, their success process is not an easy feat; they went to several business cultures that lead them to where they are right now. Their business culture depends on the principles and values of their long term former leadership system. These are the following:

They are esteeming employees and their contribution. In every Starbucks ‘ offices and branches, they treat their employees as their constant partners, and they are taken care of and insured by the company via competitive packages of compensation. For example, they offer stock options and health insurance even to part-time employees in their coffee chain. Furthermore, with the height of the global crisis, today, where almost all companies are shutting down and cutting the HR costs, Starbucks, on the other side, is investing in staff training, including courses and testing that will qualify them for a higher quality of educational institutions.

Presence of close bonds between employees. The company sharply believes in a relationship-driven approach to the business and uplifts the close bonds between employees, whether in office or store. This contributes to a more relaxed and comfortable environment in their working areas.

Culture of inclusion and diversity. As one of the world’s largest coffee retailers that run eight diverse partners and represents the inclusive spectrum of their company employees’ background, Starbucks was chosen by the US Business Leadership Network as the 2014 Disability Employer of the Year. The company also received a maximum of 100 scores on the Disability Equality Index last 2015. With its propaganda and excellent business culture, Starbucks remains one of the most diverse in the business.

They are taking pride in providing exceptional and quality customer service. This coffee chain giant has efficiently adopted excellent customer service that serves as its factual basis of competitive advantage. This culture is also reflected in its business and organization to the greatest extent.  

They are translating their core values into behavioral norms. One of their secret to success is defining and translating their core values into behavioral models. While they are different in personality and standards, they make sure to equip and build their companies’ norms.

Starbucks is a high-powered organization that has attained global significance. They have all stores around the world, and their success largely contributed to their culture of communication and power. Starbucks company is proud of its empowering corporate culture. It reflects in one of its six mission statement principles: To provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect, intelligence, and dignity. Through increased and improved communication skills and with their professionalism in work, Starbucks market their way to the market, waiving their flag of success, then and now.

Food Truck Business Ideas

It is part of human nature to always crave a tasty and delicious meal even if you don’t have lots of time and money. This is why food truck businesses have become more popular these days to cater to these demands for sumptuous food even when on the go.

If you want to get a piece of this growing market, below are the top food truck business ideas you can consider:

Take Advantage of Today’s Health Craze

Some still think that buying from food trucks is synonymous with caloric overload and even gluttony. This is why there will always be some people who stay away from food trucks. Wouldn’t it be better to embrace this part of the population and provide their food needs and demands? Gone are the days when food served and prepared in trucks are high in calories and unhealthy. A health conscious food truck is one of the best food truck business ideas to keep up with the current health craze.

Give a Twist to the Good Old Sandwich

If your food truck menu is mainly composed of sandwiches, one thing to remember is that this territory is a crowded one. Many food trucks were able to succeed with sandwiches and some options have become a bit overdone. However, one idea to save the sandwich trend is to add a twist to them. Fusion sandwiches are the latest wave of the future. If you could come up with a solid concept, you can become a pioneer in the world of sandwich food trucks.

Go Local

One of the best ways to make yourself stand out from the rest is by drawing food truck business ideas from your local community. Is there a nearby farm where you can get sustainable produce? If there is, sue it to your advantage. A unique way of designing your food truck menu is to be inspired by local specialties. If you are in a coastal area, for example, you can offer dishes made from freshly caught seafood in your place.

Focus on Regional Cuisine

Conduct your research and identify an ethnic food market that isn’t used it. Offering regional cuisine you are expert with is among the best food truck business ideas if you have plans to travel from on town to another or one state to another with your food truck. This gives you the chance to introduce new and delicious food choices to a population and help you make a mark on the food truck industry in the process.

Choose Something Fancy

If you truly want to make your food truck stand out, why not sell uncommon food? Gourmet food trucks are starting to become a trend where people can grab a 5-star meal even when on the go. These people are willing to pay more just to get higher quality meals. The secret here is to maintain top quality of your food and at the same time, cook complex recipes with the use of inventive and fresh ingredients.

These are the top food truck business ideas that will help you tap into the growing world of food on the go.

Pros and Cons of Using Debt Collection Agencies for Your Business

Third-party debt collectors agencies that are in charge of collection and other types of outsourcing services are increasing a notable increase in popularity these days. And with the rise of more modern technology that makes it easier and simpler for them to track down delinquent debtors, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the industry blows up into a more lucrative field.
If their debt collectors don’t put in the extra efforts, it would all be too easy for businesses to just bid their money goodbye.

But, while there are many advantages associated with working with third-party collection agencies, there are also some disadvantages that you have to know about.
To help you decide whether your business should work with debt collectors or not, read on to know the pros and cons of hiring one.

Pros of Hiring Debt Collectors

They let you free up both your time and resources.

Business owners find it too expensive and time-consuming to collect debt by themselves. This is especially so for local and small businesses that would rather focus on other core areas of their business instead of chasing after stubborn debtors.

They have the right tools to perform the job.

Collection agencies use the right set of equipment and tools that let them track down customers and collect their payments. They use the most state of the art technology to communicate to these debtors and track down those whose whereabouts might be unknown to you.

They will handle the collection when you can’t.

Your collection efforts may fall on deaf ears and your delinquent debtors may not give you any response at all. But, if you let the professional debt collection agencies do the job, you will be amazed at how the bills are paid well and on-time. Your business may originally start collecting debt during the first month but the moment a debtor becomes delinquent, it wouldn’t hurt to get the help of an expert.

Cons of Hiring Debt Collectors

You may be charged with a pricey service fee.

You need to spend some cash if you need the help of professionals in getting payments for delinquent accounts. Most collection agencies charge their clients with a percentage of the overall collection or a contingency fee. But, more than this charged fee, one of your important considerations is the return of investment in the form of the debts collected.

Your customer relationships might get affected.

This can be true since many debt collectors don’t really have the necessary communication skills. This can then lead to an ill relationship between your business and your customers. Your client may have a not so good financial situation right now but it doesn’t mean they won’t pay you back. Things often go out of hand if debt collectors show some rude manners.

Debt collectors may jeopardize your business.

Government agencies don’t govern collections for the business accounts and the laws that dictate how debt collection agencies should collect from customers. It means that there is always the risk that things might go beyond the law at some point.

Tips to Increase Your Sales This Christmas Season

If you think that it is still too early to start worrying about your Christmas season sales, you better think again. Ecommerce businesses enjoy a minimum of 40% increase in sales and traffic alike during Christmas. You can just imagine the bigger chance for your offers to grab the attention of consumers who are ready to spend their money.

If you want to increase your sales this coming Christmas season, it is wise to come up with a good plan as early as possible. Below are a few ideas to help you boost your sales this Christmas holidays:

Spice Up Your Website with a Holiday Deals Page

A separate web page that contains the most enticing discounts is as equally powerful as those Christmas displays in retail shops. You can also put up a Christmas video, banners, and links to different blog posts to improve website engagement. Ideas for holiday promos on your site can also include some giveaways that bloggers can share on their own Instagram pages that include the link to your sales page. To create a sense of urgency, it is best to make these limited time offers only.

Proximity Marketing

While you can always advertise your Christmas sales in numerous locations, these won’t have the same level of effectiveness if you advertise o people who are already near your store. With proximity marketing, it means that the people are searching for something and this something could be one of your offerings. Make the most out of those hours potential customers spend every day looking at their phones and advertise them right when they are just nearby.

Email Campaigns

Email is not dead. In fact, most online sales may still be generated by effective email campaigns. Email marketing campaigns during Christmas might be at least thrice more effective during the holidays compared to social media marketing. If you want to increase your sales this season, make sure you have attractive email campaigns containing personalized and great deals for customers. Be ready to enjoy a minimum boost of 17% in sales!

The Best Holiday Strategy Starts on Halloween

Halloween is when the holiday season officially kicks off. Try to think of a holiday spirit or strategy that you wish to reveal this coming Christmas with your brand’s help. Simple Christmas crafts that will make you earn profit may be a great way to discard the items of last season. However, your customers will appreciate better a one of a kind holiday strategy that can last throughout the entire holiday season. Creative brands always stand out so unleash your creativity while you’re at it.

Customer Engagement is Still the Key

Finally, the best and highest number of holiday sales is often enjoyed by brands that engage with their customers. For instance, a toy shop may let potential customers admire the display of moving toy trains. But, engagement doesn’t happen because the buyers simply stand and look at it. On the other hand, offering cookies and hot cocoa while customers watch is guaranteed to raise engagement and boost the mood. And when the mood is right, a purchase will happen next!

Pergolas for Wedding Venue- Is It Worth It?

Wedding planning will never be complete without choosing the perfect venue. When it comes to wedding venues, couples often love the idea of exchanging vows under a pergola.

Wedding pergolas can serve as a lucrative venture. These structures also provide a good return on investment in any wedding venue.

If you are curious to know if pergolas are worth it, here are some of the ways on how one can give you value for your money:

  • Pergolas give wedding venues a unique competitive edge over others that don’t offer the same facility. Many wedding venues attested how pergolas have become the prominent feature of their outdoor wedding ceremonies, serving as the main element of their packages. Thanks to the inclusion of pergolas, these venues were able to see a remarkable increase in the amount of profit that the business makes.
  • People love to spend time outdoors. As the sun shines brightly in the sky, nothing is better than exchanging “I dos” during a warm clear day while a fresh breeze blows and the sounds of nature can be heard all around. A pergola can provide a relaxing and calming atmosphere not only for the couple but also for all the guests.
  • Outdoor weddings often enjoy more freedom and fewer restrictions. You will not be limited by a room’s confines, for instance, and most of the time, you can also work with more space. Pergolas are therefore an ideal choice for bigger ceremonies and receptions.
  • If your wedding grounds or venue already features an amazing backdrop or setting, you can harness its full potential and leverage the asset by adding a pergola.
  • Pergolas provide an amazing setting opportunity for all important wedding photos, which offer natural sunlight as well as backdrop scenery to work with. For instance, wedding pergolas beside a tranquil lake basically goes a long way to make any wedding photograph spectacular. A wedding pergola provides a picture-perfect backdrop and offer protection from rainy weather during wedding photographs.
  • An outdoor wedding pergola doesn’t have to be limited to an actual ceremony itself. Such structures may also double up and may be used as drinks or bar reception area, outdoor meeting space, music venue bandstand, and so on.
  • Outdoor weddings have very romantic overtones and provide an intimate atmosphere instead o a big cold church or registrar’s office. Garden or any outdoor venues have warm atmosphere that everyone may enjoy.
  • With pergolas, you can save money on your floral decorations. Due to the beauty of the natural setting, you won’t have to add floral decorations unless you like to. The garden setting and charming surroundings will have done this for you.

Pergolas with roof are very popular for the reason that they are versatile when it comes to use. These can easily be designed for other events. They are also perfect for any kind of private celebration. Depending on your needs or preferences, you should choose the right designs for pergolas and make sure that they will match your wedding theme. If you will build a pergola from scratch, you’ll spend lots of time selecting the design.