Safe Working Environment – Crucial Essentials for Business

Safe working environment is basically a state or condition. It means that even if a workplace has a low number of accidents or incidents, it doesn’t suggest that the place is safe. What really matters is the process of safety as it’s an important part of daily activities in the workplace. There are numerous activities that are clear indicators of safe working environment and these are as follows:

Weekly Inspections to Know the Unsafe Conditions

Workers participate in turn and conduct regular safety inspections where they look for unsafe conditions and hazards. This can be done twice a week or weekly.

Daily Safety Briefings

Each morning at the start of work day or shift, the leader holds an interactive safety briefing with her or his team. This lasts less than ten minutes and has contributions from each of the team members.

Weekly Inspections to Know Unsafe Behavior

Every week, 2 staff members carry out regular inspection where they’re identifying unsafe behavior. The objective is determining unsafe behavior and mentioning this at the next daily safety briefing.

Incident and Accident Investigation

Each accident or any incident happened near you should be investigated with an objective to prevent it in the long run. The investigation process isn’t a hunt to apportion blame.

Reporting Near Hits

Each single near hit, which is an incident where there’s no injury or damage occurs, is invested and some prevention measures are put in place, so it won’t happen again.

Constant Improvement

During daily safety briefings, the group members have a chance to recommend as well as discuss improvements to the workplace and the procedure that’s carried out within it.


It’s noticeable that every safe working environment doesn’t use punishment or blame as a tool to create a safe behavior. But rather, they consider using positive reinforcement, recognition, and encouragement.

Positive Reinforcement

Every day, the leader goes into a workplace and provides positive reinforcement to other employees for working safely. This enthusiasm and encouragement for safety is a good motivator for a much safer working practice.

Effective Leadership

It’s no coincidence that every safe workplace environment has good leadership. It just means that the leader is always prepared to listen with every concern and has the skill set to make other staff to follow. Such leaders engender cooperation and discretionary effort. Leaders are also the main reason why people work in a safe environment. Check this article for top reasons for committing unsafe acts.

Practical OJT

Group members receive OJT continuously from the experts outside and within the company.

Wrapping Up

There are many things that make a safe working environment. If you own a company or small business, it’s important that your workplace is accident-free and equipped with the most essential safety tools and equipment. Minerva-intra is one of the leading safety environment provider in Malaysia. Even if accidents may happen anytime, being knowledgeable with the right and best ways to make your workplace safe can make a huge difference. Install efficient remote asset management systems, electromagnetic flow meters for accuracy applications, and more systems.

Lastly, make sure that your workers are also aware of your building’s safety guidelines and warnings to avoid any issues in the long run.