What is Starbucks Business Culture?

People love to drink coffee on an everyday basis. From morning breakfast to midnight fun gigs, coffee will never lose its flavor to anybody. Today, many are thinking of putting a coffee business, whether local and famous brands. One of those known brands is Starbucks.

Starbucks is a well-known coffee business, having multiple branches worldwide because of its quality products and service. But then, their success process is not an easy feat; they went to several business cultures that lead them to where they are right now. Their business culture depends on the principles and values of their long term former leadership system. These are the following:

They are esteeming employees and their contribution. In every Starbucks ‘ offices and branches, they treat their employees as their constant partners, and they are taken care of and insured by the company via competitive packages of compensation. For example, they offer stock options and health insurance even to part-time employees in their coffee chain. Furthermore, with the height of the global crisis, today, where almost all companies are shutting down and cutting the HR costs, Starbucks, on the other side, is investing in staff training, including courses and testing that will qualify them for a higher quality of educational institutions.

Presence of close bonds between employees. The company sharply believes in a relationship-driven approach to the business and uplifts the close bonds between employees, whether in office or store. This contributes to a more relaxed and comfortable environment in their working areas.

Culture of inclusion and diversity. As one of the world’s largest coffee retailers that run eight diverse partners and represents the inclusive spectrum of their company employees’ background, Starbucks was chosen by the US Business Leadership Network as the 2014 Disability Employer of the Year. The company also received a maximum of 100 scores on the Disability Equality Index last 2015. With its propaganda and excellent business culture, Starbucks remains one of the most diverse in the business.

They are taking pride in providing exceptional and quality customer service. This coffee chain giant has efficiently adopted excellent customer service that serves as its factual basis of competitive advantage. This culture is also reflected in its business and organization to the greatest extent.  

They are translating their core values into behavioral norms. One of their secret to success is defining and translating their core values into behavioral models. While they are different in personality and standards, they make sure to equip and build their companies’ norms.

Starbucks is a high-powered organization that has attained global significance. They have all stores around the world, and their success largely contributed to their culture of communication and power. Starbucks company is proud of its empowering corporate culture. It reflects in one of its six mission statement principles: To provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect, intelligence, and dignity. Through increased and improved communication skills and with their professionalism in work, Starbucks market their way to the market, waiving their flag of success, then and now.

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